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Trucking Accidents

Nationally Recognized Truck Accident Attorneys

Under the leadership of our founder, Tim Whiting, we are nationally recognized as one of the leading trucking accidents firms in the country. Whiting Law Group has been securing justice and obtaining significant awards on behalf of truck accident victims for more than a decade, winning cases in Illinois, Wisconsin, and across the USA.


As a result of his success, leadership, and reputation as a top trucking accident lawyer, Tim Whiting is frequently invited to speak at national trucking conferences, and to author articles in national publications about key topics in trucking accident litigation.

We Have a Reputation for Building Winning Truck Accident Cases

With a practice focused on truck accidents, we have proven ourselves highly skilled in protecting the rights of those injured or killed in truck accident crashes.


As a law firm, we focus our practice on protecting the rights of those injured by the negligence of others. More specifically, we have concentrated our practice in representing victims of trucking accidents. As truck accident lawyers we have pursued justice on behalf of countless clients in many states across the country.

Board Certified in Truck Accident Law

Whiting Law Group’s Managing Partner and lead truck accident attorney, Timothy M. Whiting, is board-certified in truck accident law, by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. To achieve such certification, Mr. Whiting was required to pass a rigorous written test and demonstrate the highest level of knowledge, experience, and skill in truck accident law.*

Emergency Response Truck Accident Investigation Team

Whiting Law Group works with the top national trucking, medical, and legal experts. We have formed an emergency trucking accident investigation team that can be on-scene within 24-hours to collect critical evidence which can make a difference in winning your trucking accident case.

Truck Accident Case Verdicts and Settlements

While monetary compensation is not a true replacement for the harm, pain, and loss suffered by our clients, our record of success represents our firm’s relentless pursuit of justice against those who have caused our clients serious harm or death.

Co-Counseling Your Case with a Truck Accident Lawyer

As leading truck accident attorneys, Timothy M. Whiting and his colleagues regularly co-counsel with other personal injury attorneys on those attorneys truck cases. With extensive knowledge and experience in pursuing justice in truck accident cases, Tim Whiting adds value to any case on which he is retained.



“It was so clear that he did everything he could to get us the best settlement he could … and he did.”

– Jan & Michael McComb

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* The Supreme Court of Illinois does not recognize certifications of specialties in the practice of law and that the certificate, award or recognition is not a requirement to practice law in Illinois.